Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea ...

Chasing rainbow colored fish over tropical coral reefs. Discover the delicacies of Thai cuisine. Enjoy the sun, which shines there all year round, on pristine, golden beaches. Choose one of the numerous, enchanting places that many vacationers visit again and again. Holiday resorts of incredible recreational value.

Because this Southeast Asian state not only has a lot to offer the interested visitor in terms of appearance, but also holds many, many other "treasures" that are just waiting to be discovered by you. Did you know that Thailand has around a hundred islands? In this context, the incredibly beautiful and sometimes very mysterious landscape of the island of Phuket is worth mentioning - and everyone who has been there once will wish to be able to visit this wonderful place in southern Thailand many more times. The island of Phuket also enjoys the status of a province and offers beautiful beaches and small harbors with the most attractive diving regions for beginners and advanced divers. You can find an overview map of Phuket HERE. HERE.

Thailand itself is known - no famous - for its extremely varied offer for all night owls, for adventure-hungry party-goers and the adventurous in general who want to experience something very special. In this regard, Phuket is the main attraction for all Thailand holidaymakers, because on this South Asian island - which, by the way, is the largest in Thailand and not that far from Bali - there are not only bars, pubs, restaurants and trendy pubs, but much more ....

Incidentally, some of these are even known beyond the Thai borders - and Phuket also has karaoke pubs, Irish pubs, English clubs and many, many other - extraordinary - locations with great live music offers (such as rock, Pop, Oldies, Folk etc.) ready for the visitors. Anyone who has enjoyed the scenic charms or relaxation during the day will certainly yearn now and then to experience a bit of adventure, party mood, action and an extra portion of fun at night and rave about this special adventure holiday for a long time at home to be able to. In any case, the so-called “Phuket Town” and Patong, that is to say “the” oases of experience, offer very special highlights in this context. Incidentally, the latter is considered a tourist stronghold, where - by the way, just like in "Phuket Town" - the locals also take part in the active nightlife.

The climate on Phuket actually only differs in the frequency of rainy days. If there is hardly any rainfall between December and April, considerable amounts of rain fall in the other months. Although the temperature is in the tropical area all year round, the best time to travel is from November to April. You can find a climate table for Phuket HERE. HERE.

In order to prepare yourself for a wonderful trip and to arouse anticipation, we have put together some very interesting links about Phuket and Thailand for you. We hope you enjoy "surfing":

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