The most important spots on our day trips

Racha Yai

Racha Yai is the larger of the two Racha Islands and the one closer to Phuket. A tropical dream island above water, it offers, as soon as you have submerged, crystal clear water and gently sloping hard coral fields that invite you to relaxed drift dives. You will find mainly hard corals and an unimagined abundance of fish. Colorful parrotfish, yellowtail and red snapper and large groupers are regular companions. At Racha Yai, divers of all skill levels can dive and have fun. Some bays are ideal for snorkelers, making this island ideal for the whole family. 

Diving depth: 5-25 meters, visibility: up to 30 meters

Racha Noi

Racha Noi, the smaller daughter island of Racha Yai, can be found about 30 minutes by boat south of it. Racha Noi has spectacular dive sites whose underwater landscape is reminiscent of that of the Similan Islands. The conditions are more suitable for demanding and advanced divers, but those who can handle the current will be amply rewarded: The reefs here are a playground for giant rays (stingrays & manta rays), leopard and reef sharks, swordfish and occasionally whale sharks are also spotted here . 

Diving depth: 5-40 meters, visibility: up to 35 meters

Shark Point

Shark Point is about 1.5 hours east of Phuket, only recognizable by a piece of rock protruding from the sea. The three reefs - overgrown with soft corals, sponges, fan corals and hard corals - have been placed under nature protection due to their abundance of fish and are among the most famous diving spots around Phuket. In addition to various types of moray eels, lionfish, doctor and butterfly fish, we find seahorses and the harmless but very elegant leopard sharks, to which the Shark Point owes its name. 

Diving depth: 5-30 meters, visibility: 5-25 meters

Koh Doc Mai

This jungle-covered island is halfway between Phuket and Shark Point. Diving sites with steep walls dropping down to 25 meters are overgrown with mussels, gorgonians and other coral species and are ideal for steep wall dives. A large variety of small creatures such as seahorses, nudibranchs, ghost fish and shrimp can be found here. Swarms of fusiliers, snappers and barracudas can be observed in the open water and leopard sharks are also seen more frequently here. 

Diving depth: 5-25 meters, visibility: 5-25 meters

Phi Phi

The world-famous Phi Phi Islands (Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le) are 40 km southeast of Phuket and can be reached in about three hours by boat. They are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The Phi Phi´s have many excellent dive sites with diving depths between 15 and 25 m and visibility of 10-30 m. The two small rock islands Koh Pida Nai and Koh Pida Nok offer fantastic conditions for exciting dives. Above all, the islands offer several cave diving spots and many impressive steep walls. There are also countless hard and soft corals and abundant marine life. In the tropical reefs of these islands one can see white tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, stingrays, sea snakes, turtles and moray eels, among many other fish. 

Diving depth: 15-25 meters, visibility: 10-30 meters

Anemonen Reef

This reef, completely covered by the water, is about 500 meters from Shark Point. Similar in character to Shark Point, the large collections of sea anemones and soft corals captivate the diver. In addition to the harmless leopard sharks, schooling fish, barracudas and tuna can be observed here. 

Diving depth: 5-22 meters, visibility: 5-25 meters

King Cruiser

In May 1997 the 85 meter long and 25 meter wide ferry “King Cruiser” ran aground on the anemone reef and sank. Fortunately, all passengers were rescued and the reef itself did not suffer much damage. It stands upright on the sandy ground at a height of 31 m and its many structures are easy to see. In recent years a great variety of fish has appeared, such as barracudas, lionfish, ballfish and porcupine fish, as well as large schools of fusiliers and mackerel. The wreck has become an absolute treat for divers over the years. For many divers, this experience is the absolute highlight of the holiday.


Diving depth: 17-32 meters, visibility: 5-25 meters